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Fundamentals Of Land Development

RRP $283.99

Properly planned and visualized, large-scale developments can be successfully constructed, whether as master planned communities, planned unit developments, or new towns. <i>Fundamentals of Land Development</i> provides an in-depth approach to the design, planning, and development of large land areas into comprehensively designed communities. <p> This book provides in-depth discussions of the full range of development tasks involved in any large development project, from site and land use selection, market analysis, preparing the land use plan and impact statements, to getting approval from the municipality and community, permitting and approval, scheduling and cost management, and the basics of engineering systems and design. <p> &#160;Developers and other stake-holders will find guidance on such issues as: <p> &#8226;&#160;&#160;&#160;&#160;&#160;&#160;&#160;&#160;&#160;&#160; How real-world development is driven by profits, and how team members can maximize profits while developing creatively and responsibly <p> &#8226;&#160;&#160;&#160;&#160;&#160;&#160;&#160;&#160;&#160;&#160; Site selection and acquisition <p> &#8226;&#160;&#160;&#160;&#160;&#160;&#160;&#160;&#160;&#160;&#160; Entering the growing business of retirement (active adult) community development <p> &#160;Illustrated with real-world case studies drawn from the authors own experience, <i>Fundamentals of Land Development</i> is a practical manual for developers looking to improve the profitability of their projects and gain a better understanding of what all team members undertake in a project of this size and complexity.

Fundamentals Of Oil And Gas Accounting

RRP $352.99

An excellent training manual and professional reference, "Fundamentals of Oil and Gas Accounting, 5th Edition", is packed with examples, diagrams, and appendices. The scope of this text is simply unmatched. The book has been completely updated to reflect the current issues facing oil and gas producers operating in both U.S. and international locations. Inside you'll find: a new chapter on asset retirement obligations and asset impairment; an added section on project, analysis and investment decision making; updated coverage of asset exchanges and fair value reporting requirements; thorough discussion of oil and gas pricing and marketing arrangements; and, updated examples and homework problems.

Retirement Jokes

RRP $14.99

'I see you've just turned 64. When are you thinking of retiring?' 'Constantly!' Most retirement jokes are just about old age, but this little book is packed with quips and quotes about retirement itself, making it suitable for anyone planning a retirement speech or looking for a retirement gift. So put on your slippers, light your pipe and sit back for a 'lump sum' of laughter!

Hometown Investment Trust Funds

RRP $174.00

This book records the first success stories of a new form of financial intermediation, the hometown investment fund, that has become a national strategy in Japan, partly to meet the need to finance small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) after the devastating earthquake and tsunami in March 2011. The hometown investment fund has three main advantages. First, it contributes to financial market stability by lowering information asymmetry. Individual households and firms have direct access to information about the borrowing firms, mainly SMEs, that they lend to. Second, it is a stable source of risk capital. The fund is project driven. Firms and households decide to invest by getting to know the borrowers and their projects. In this way the fund distributes risk but not so that it renders risk intractable, which was the problem with the "originate and distribute" model. Third, it contributes to economic recovery by connecting firms and households with SMEs that are worthy of their support. It also creates employment opportunities, at the SMEs as well as for the pool of retirees from financial institutions who can help assess the projects. Introduction of the hometown investment fund has huge global implications. The world is seeking a method of financial intermediation that minimizes information asymmetry, distributes risk without making it opaque, and contributes to economic recovery. Funds similar to Japan's hometown investment fund can succeed in all three ways. After all, the majority of the world's businesses are SMEs. The first chapter explains the theory behind this method, and the following chapters relate success stories from Japan and other parts of Asia. This book should encourage policymakers, economists, lenders, and borrowers, especially in developing countries, to adopt this new form of financial intermediation, thus contributing to global economic stability.


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