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Computerised Test Generation For Cross-national Military Recruitment

RRP $452.99

oaeComputerised Test Generation for Cross-National Military RecruitmentAE by Prof. Sidney H. Irvine is a handbook for use in occupational psychology, test construction and psychometrics. The book describes the development of the British Army Recruitment Battery (BARB) by Prof. Irvine and his colleagues at the University of Plymouth. BARB is a computer-administered selection battery that is still in use to this day and is capable of developing new parallel tests for every candidate in the recruitment process. In telling the story, Sidney Irvine describes not only the development of the battery itself, funded by the UK Ministry of Defence, but all the work that went on before and afterwards, in the United Kingdom, with European allies and in the United States. Prof. Irvine argues that judicious application of the current state-of-the art in psychometric selection tests can be used to maximise retention and minimise attrition. As such, this long-awaited book will be of great interest to psychologists, psychometricians, test developers, those involved in personnel selection and all with an interest in military history, in particular the history of military science. With a foreword and chapter introductions from a worldwide array of subject matter experts, the book also has a full subject index and an extensive bibliography. I commend it heartily. o u Professor Jamie Hacker Hughes CPsychol CSci FBPsS, Former Defence Consultant Advisor in Clinical Psychology, Ministry of Defence, United Kingdom.

Hospitalist Recruitment And Retention

RRP $263.99

<p>The Right Way to Build and Sustain a Successful Hospital Medicine Program</p> <p>This first complete treatment of hospitalist recruitment and retention gives you all the tools and guidance needed to build a new hospital medicine program for your hospital. Moreover, it shows you how to reinvigorate and maintain an established hospitalist program, enabling your hospital to fully benefit from the improved clinical outcomes that a hospitalist approach can offer. All the key elements for building and maintaining an effective hospitalist program are covered, including: <ul> <li><p>Developing a recruitment plan that attracts the right people and clearly sets forth expectations</li> <li><p>Hiring the best people to meet organizational objectives</li> <li><p>Implementing an effective retention plan that keeps high-quality staff motivated and committed to excellence</li> </ul> <p>Based on the author's extensive experience in both clinical practice and professional consultation with new and established hospital medicine programs, the book covers such critical topics as: <ul> <li><p>Significance of current trends in hospital medicine</li> <li><p>Key factors in successful hospitalist recruitment and retention</li> <li><p>Role of the hospitalist in recruitment, retention, and stabilization of physicians in their communities</li> </ul> <p>Recruitment and retention of physicians in all specialties is a national challenge, and it is expected to become even more difficult due to an impending physician shortage. As more and more healthcare organizations come to understand and embrace the hospitalist movement, this book will prove essential in recruiting and retaining the staff they need to implement and sustain an effective hospitalist program.

Teach Yourself Successful Recruitment In A Week

RRP $14.99

Learn in a week, what the leading experts on recruitment learn in a lifetime.

The ability to recruit the right people to work for you is crucial to anyone who wants to advance their career.

Written by Nigel Cumberland, a leading expert on recruitment as both a coach and a practitioner, this book quickly teaches you the insider secrets you need to know to in order to build a brilliant team.

The highly motivational 'in a week' structure of the book provides seven straightforward chapters explaining the key points, and at the end there are optional questions to ensure you have taken it all in. There are also cartoons and diagrams throughout, to help make this book a more enjoyable and effective learning experience.

So what are you waiting for Let this book put you on the fast track to success!

About the Author

Nigel Cumberland is a successful coach and writer in global recruitment, talent management and leadership development. He is co-founder of the Silk-Road partnership which provides training services to a range of multinational clients.


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Superannuation Recruitment Recruitment Company Recruitment Consultants
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